‘Guide’ Debbie: I grew up as a person and a football player

From boy to one of the first guides. Memphis DePay’s role in Orange has changed significantly compared to the 2014 World Cup. “I think I have grown as a person and as a footballer. I was very mature as a person. I was 20 then. Now something different is expected of me,” says the 27-year-old Dutch national team ahead of Sunday’s match against Ukraine ahead of the Olympic Lyon attack.

Seven years ago debay was not a fixed value. Instead, he scored in the team match against Australia and Chile. Now Debbie is worth a significant, and the game is mostly suited to him. “Of course I have a responsibility. I have to carry a team. I’m always had it regardless of my age. I think this is what has brought me so far. I’m not really stressed. I see every match as a good challenge with the team.”

The Netherlands started the tournament in 2014 without much expectation, but eventually finished third. Even now, the orange name does not appear in line with the biggest competitors for overall success. “Of course we have a different team, which is different than 2014. You’ve experienced it differently in your 20s. But I have to say it’s getting closer in terms of experience,” Debe said. “You notice it’s approaching. It does something to your sharpness. Everyone’s on edge. We already had a team atmosphere. It hasn’t changed anything.”


Debay attracted attention at the 2014 World Cup and moved from PSV to Manchester United a year later, where former national coach Louis van Gaal was a coach at the time. “What does a match like this mean for a career? A lot. I think the way the football world sees you as a player will change a lot if you run a good match. If you dream of joining a great club you can focus on it anyway. An experience for you anyway. They talk about the finals. They have memories of it, and they carry those memories with them for the rest of their lives. It goes far beyond that moment. The Netherlands sympathize. It’s a wonderful thing, we should all enjoy it. Everything should lead to it. ”

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The attacker is trying to make it clear to his fellow internationals how special it is to be with Orange. “You must not forget to enjoy the fact that you can play for the Dutch national team. I say enjoy it with the ‘boys’. This may be your last time and no one knows what the future holds.” You are hungry to prove yourself every time you have. I do everything I can to keep it that way. We all believe in the quality we have. ”

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