Guide to Quality of Living in Public Groningen Wins World Design and Architecture Prize 2022

The Guide to Designing Quality Living Public Spaces “New Space” for the municipality of Groningen contains International Architecture and Design Award 2022 Winner of Rethinking The Future in the Urban Design (Concept) category.


Within the municipality of Groningen, the Leidraad is an inspiring document that serves as a guide for future projects. It is a visual product that uses photos, profiles, 3D images, and short explanations to visualize a changing public space. Useful, practical and instructive for many professionals working in public places. At the same time, it is also the starting point for discussions with residents about a different street layout.

Iconic place Eikenlaan Image: Felixx

public space

Leidraad shows what a green public space looks like with more space for meetings, pedestrians and cyclists. Leidraad does this for different types of streets, districts and neighborhoods in Groningen. As such, the guide provides inspiring insight into looking at the city in a different way. To this end, Leidraad presents the ten dimensions of the street. Mobility is no longer the norm, but accessibility, safety, experience, health, social interaction, environment, climate adaptation, economics and cultural history together make the street.

quality of life

Guidelines for the design of quality of living in public spaces were commissioned by and in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen and prepared by Felix with Goudappel and Stipo & Marco te Brömmelstroet.

The guide can be downloaded from the municipality of Groningen’s website:

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