Guide: Where to Watch Fury vs. Wilder III?

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will face each other for the third time on Saturday and Sunday night. After a tie and a win for Fury, this boxing match must determine the winner. If you want to watch the match, you have to make a little effort.

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Where is the game Fury vs. Wilder III aired?

Yes, this is difficult! The previous game was streamed for free on research This was only announced at the last minute. This time KIJK failed. It is not visible to the Dutch on DAZN.

In short, it is impossible (legally) to see the party from the Netherlands. in Belgium airline rights holder.

What time is Fury vs. Wilder III?

Evening in the US begins at 01:00 AM Dutch time. Main menu, Fury vs. Wilder, you’ll be out by 5/6.

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