Gunman told Buffalo his plans in the chat room shortly before the attack

This is what the New York Times writes. The shooter, Payton Gendron, acted out of racist beliefs. Eleven of his victims were black.

diary type

Gendron has used the Discord chat room for several months as a kind of memo. He wrote his thoughts on it and posted pictures of himself with guns. He was not known to have given others access to space.

The New York Times relied on a Discord spokesperson who said Gendron had called a select group of people about 30 minutes before the attack.

According to the spokesperson, all invitees accepted the invitation. Who are unknown. Gendron also plans to go live on the platform. Whether he actually did so is still under investigation.

Hate will not prevail

US President Joe Biden spoke to the families and victims of the Buffalo massacre today. “Hate will not prevail,” he said. “Evil will not win in America. I promise.”

One by one, Biden named the 10 people who died last weekend.

In the video below, an eyewitness tells us about the shooting in Buffalo:

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