Guus Meeuwis wanted a free bid on the Formula 1 Zandvoort

Singer Guus Meeuwis (Photo: Poppodium 013).
Singer Guus Meeuwis (Photo: Poppodium 013).

Guus Meeuwis has been asked to perform at the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort next weekend. He refrained from doing so, because, according to a spokesperson for the singer, there was “technically very little room for a good performance”.

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According to a Meeuwis spokesperson, performance during the Dutch Grand Prix is ​​complicated, because there are no platforms or screens there.

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Meeuwis was supposed to perform for free, but the organization of the Dutch Grand Prix was, according to him. He promised to pay the salaries of his crew and squad members.

The organization of the Dutch Grand Prix is ​​under fire because Prince Bernard van Oranje, co-owner of the circuit in Zandvoort, asked different artists to perform for free about the Formula 1 race. The Chef’Special squad announced the request in a video on social media, after which he faced Prince Bernard and the Dutch Grand Prix organization a lot of criticism.

Prince Bernard announced, Thursday evening, via television presenter Humberto Tan, that he regrets the fuss.

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