Gymnasts feel emptiness and pain after second qualification

Shortly after gymnast Lake Weavers fell when she jumped off the bar, a warm embrace ensued between Sister Sunny and Vincent Weavers, their father and coach. “In that moment I especially felt a lot of pain, it was a realization of what we’ve all been wearing, team-wide, over the past 10 months. It just hurts,” Saint-Wevers said after the Netherlands’ second qualifying match. Rotterdam gymnasts, on the basis of which the Olympic team is formed.

For a year now, gymnasts have been grappling with the issue surrounding abuse in their sport. Various coaches, including Vincent Weavers, are being investigated by the Institute of Sports Law (ISR) for undesirable behavior and violation. Gymnastics federation KNGU does not want to take the father of the Wevers sisters to the Olympics, but the coach recently forced him to be delegated summary proceedings. The National Confederation of Trade Unions has lodged an appeal, which will be filed on Monday at the Court of Appeal in Arnhem. The whole thing casts a shadow over the gymnasts’ readiness for the games.

“There’s only one team that has to do that in the end. And I think we’ll definitely put ourselves on the right track for that match,” Saint-Wevers, the 2016 Olympic champion on the crossbar, said of the Dutch national team. “But there is definitely something that needs to be done. Fortunately, we have a strong team that can do it. If we live towards the championship, we can definitely get it done.”

The pain San Weavers felt was the same as that of her twin sister, Lake. “I feel very empty,” she said. “From the whole year, the whole track. A lot happened and everyone had a hard time. To stay as a team, we had to fight hard,” Lake Weavers points out to the entire Dutch gymnastics group. “Everyone has their own story, but it doesn’t matter in any match. All the bullshit I felt from the gymnastics crunch doesn’t matter. The result is all that matters. The best sport is that hard.”

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During the game, the Wevers sisters tried to stop things that were happening. “It’s very practical for a competition like this. But as a family we know what it costs to be here,” said Leakey Weavers who is visibly emotional. “You train yourself to have a good mindset. There was always something. I didn’t want to give up any training to give in to it. Every day I get closer to it in a way that I can’t allow.” And on Sunday, national coach Bram van Buchofen will announce his four-player selection for the Games. .

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