Haas boss Guenther Steiner (again) makes a new career move

2023-03-20 16:51:56
Ludo van Denderen

Gunter Steiner is a busy man. The Italian-American (or Italian-American) is clearly the boss of the Haas F1 Team and thanks to the Netflix series campaign to survive Become a media personality. His book will be published next month Survive to driveso Steiner will soon be an official writer, too.

Steiner will make another career move this weekend. The famous team boss can be heard as a commentator for the first time. He will be active as a co-host on the US show Fox During a NASCAR race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. A week later, Steiner, who lives in the United States, is expected to arrive in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

Haas in the mix

So he travels a lot, because he was in Saudi Arabia last weekend. There, Haas took his first point of the season. Kevin Magnussen finished 10th, and teammate Nico Hulkenberg finished 12th. Afterwards, Steiner was pleased with the result. “I said after Bahrain that I don’t know exactly where we were with the car,” said in one press release from his team.

“I think we now know where we stand. We’re in the mix, I think we’re actually pretty good. It all comes together. We didn’t panic after Bahrain, and now we’re cautiously optimistic.” Follow the team leader.

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