Hacker group puts classified British police information on the dark web

A prominent Russian hacker group called Clop has released classified information from the British police on the dark web. that reports daily mail. The group stole data from Dacoll, an information technology company that operates, among other things, Police National Computer (PNC).

Clop is notorious for infecting its targets with ransomware Naming and defamation of his victims on Tor Leak. The group has stolen millions of dollars in ransomware hacks over the past two years.

Clop released data after ransom refused

according to daily mail Clop attacked IT company Dacoll with a phishing campaign, after which she gained access to her data. Clop also gained access to the PNC, a UK-wide database for storing and sharing criminal record information. This database contains personal data of more than 13 million people.

Clop demanded a ransom from Dacoll, but the company refused to pay it. As a result, hackers leaked information on the dark web. It mainly concerns traffic information. For example, close-up photos of motorists who were driving too fast were leaked. These images appear to be from the UK’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system.

Dacoll did not disclose the amount of ransom demanded by the hackers. Furthermore, it is not clear what other information Clop has access to.

The incident raises concerns about the management of sensitive data for law enforcement

According to cyber security experts, data breach is a serious concern. “This is a very serious breach for a company that provides capabilities to police forces across the UK,” said Philip Ingram, a security expert and former colonel of British Military Intelligence.

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“The harm caused by this type of data breach is incomprehensible because it calls into question the cybersecurity arrangements that exist among many public and private organizations to manage sensitive law enforcement data,” Ingram said.

NDI Technologies, a subsidiary of Dacoll, allows agents to access PNC remotely. As a result, the company provides an essential service to 90 percent of Britain’s police force, he writes daily mail.

Statement from Dacoll

A Dacoll spokesperson made a brief statement about the incident. The spokesperson confirmed that the company was the victim of a cyber incident and was able to quickly return to normal operational levels. “The incident was limited to an internal network that was not linked to the networks or services of any of our customers,” the spokesman said.

Cybercriminals are increasingly turning to phishing campaigns to steal personal information, banking details, and more. Recently, cybercriminals have targeted Netflix users in an attempt to steal their payment information. In recent months, another Russian hacker group, REvil, has appeared a lot in the news for several attacks. In the end, the American authorities managed to identify the leaders of the gang.

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