Hacker puts pictures of the new Grand Theft Auto game online | Technique

The hacker has pictures of the upcoming game GTA VI Published, news agency reports Bloomberg. The game is not expected to be released until 2024.

That’s a total of fifty minutes of gameplay videos. Leaks of this magnitude are rare, leading some people to question the authenticity of the images. but according to Bloomberg Several people involved in the game’s development have said that the videos are real.

According to developer Rockstar staff, these are raw and raw screenshots of GTA VI. They say that the final version will look more refined.

The hacker posted the photos last weekend in a grand theft autoForum also claimed to be the person behind hack It is in the Uber taxi app. “I’m looking for a deal,” the person wrote on the forum. The hacker also threatened to publish more inside information about the game.

GTA VI It is the long-awaited sequel to the fifth part of the series, which appeared in 2013. Bloomberg It was previously mentioned that the game will include a lead character for the first time and that the game is set in a fictional version of Miami. The hacker’s photos now seem to confirm this.

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