“Hail Sivan Hassan in Arnhem!”

The Netherlands has seen its most successful Olympic Games to date. TeamNL has won at least 36 medals: 10 gold, 12 silver and 14 bronze. Cyclist Harry Lavrysen and athlete Sivan Hasan were the absolute stars. They both won two golds and a bronze and it’s worth the party, but will it happen?

Hassan’s fans fear that the athlete is not being put in the spotlight enough. Lavreysen has already been welcomed into Scheveningen and can expect a celebration at Apeldoorn, but he remains anxiously quiet about Hassan. It stands to reason that she has not yet been welcomed into Scheveningen, because the athlete was still on the podium in Tokyo during the closing ceremony. Tomorrow Hassan will come, because then the celebration of the whole TeamNL will take place.

Fans want to honor Sivan Hasan in Arnhem

However, Hassan deserves its own tribute, according to many of her supporters. However, there are no plans for that at the moment. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she no longer lives in the Netherlands. Hassan has been living and training in the United States for several years, but many supporters still believe she deserves recognition in Arnhem. After all, she lived in that city for the last time and built her career.

And so there is now a file petition He began to impose tribute on Hassan. We are proud Dutch/Arnhemmers noting that Sevan Hasan gave an unprecedented performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and request that Sevan Hasan be honored in Arnhem.

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Mayor Ahmed Margosh was also called on Twitter to make the celebration possible. It is not yet known if fans will get what they want.

King Willem-Alexander and Prime Minister Rutte welcome TeamNL

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will receive the medal winners at Nordende Palace on Tuesday evening. Earlier today, the official tribute to the athletes was held in The Hague. Prime Minister Rutte, Minister of State for Sport Blojois and Chef de Michen Peter van den Hoogenband will be present. At the start of the evening there will also be a moment of honor for TeamNL’s full Olympic squad in Scheveningen.

Medal winners such as Annemiek van Vleuten and Sanne van Dijke have already been honored in their hometowns. Cyclists on the track Jeffrey Hoagland, Harry Lafrisen and Roy van den Berg are almost Put in the spotlight. Swimmer Arno Kamenga will be honored on Saturday 14 August at North Sea Summer Festival. You can read more about the record for medals won here.

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