Hakeem Jeffries (52) succeeds Nancy Pelosi (82) as the first black congressional leader in the Capitol | Abroad

United States DemocratsHouse Democrats have elected Hakeem Jeffries as their new party leader. He will begin his new role in 2023, replacing Nancy Pelosi. Jeffries becomes the first black American to lead a faction in the House or Senate.

Jeffries is a delegate from New York State who has held a leadership role in the Democratic Party since 2019. He knew of no opponents in the race for the caucus chair. Voting took place behind closed doors. The 52-year-old politician replaces the 82-year-old Pelosi and thus ensures a major renewal at the top of the Democratic group.

Pelosi decided earlier this month not to seek re-election to the Democratic leadership. Nor will she return as Speaker of the House, only as a delegate. The Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives to the Republicans in the midterm elections. So they might supply the new chief.

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