Half a million euros more than the housing budget of the village of Aktegerke

The player’s municipal executive writes to the city council. The Community Development Committee meets tomorrow on the Council’s proposal to pay an additional 6 586,000 (including VAT) for the construction of what is officially called ‘Multifunctional Accommodation’ (MFA) at Aagtekerke. The building should have a village hall, gym and small health center.

Veere City Council has set aside 2. 2.8 million for the construction of the MFA in September 2021. Two contractors responded during the public tender. Cheap he mentioned he wanted to do it for 3.4 million euros. One reason now is that B&W is asking the city council for extra money.

According to the commission, the additional cost of building the health center could be reimbursed by charging higher rent to future users. Another portion of the costs are offset by subsidies for sustainability activities. MFA should become a more sustainable building.

The council warns the city council that if the additional loan is rejected, the proposed quality of the MFA will not be guaranteed and the building will become less stable. Then a new tender is needed. Thus, the summer vacation is over and construction cannot begin as planned. The Commission also fears that prices of raw materials and construction materials will rise further during the new tender.

The meeting of the Community Development Committee is the last before the new Council of B&W from SGP, CU, Hart voor Veere (HVV) and VVD takes office on Thursday. The current council parties, PvdA / GroenLinks, CDA and DTV, will be on the opposition bench. The new council will include Alderman Rene de Visser (SGP), Bert Duke (CU), Marcel Stegetti (HVV) and Root von Houghton (VVD). The latter is a part-time Alderman. As an entrepreneur, he wants to continue spending 30 percent of his time with his own companies with Van Howe. It is noteworthy that the parties took over tasks in a significant section of the portfolios from Mayor Rob van der Swag. Van der Schwartz has only his legal identity: public order and security.

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