Half of the Wolfsberg Deurne disabled parking spaces have been restored to their original size

Just as the two disabled parking spaces at Wolfsberg in Deurne were suddenly reduced in size in half, they were suddenly restored to their old original size. Some time ago, it appeared that the disabled parking spaces had been reduced to make room for two additional parking spaces.

Gerard Walters is happy that the old situation is back: “They’ve renovated the disabled parking space so you’ll have enough space again.” He informed the municipality that the small number of places for the disabled is causing major problems. After his complaint and an interview with Wolters on the DMG news site, the municipality has now expanded the venues again.

At the end of June, he said that two disabled parking spaces in Wolfsburg initially provided enough space, but suddenly their size was halved. “Of course there will be a lack of space, but with this you only have two normal parking spaces, but people with a wheelchair can no longer get in and out properly in that space.”

Three meters of space
Sufficient parking space is essential for Wolters: “I have a bus where I can get in and out of the car with the help of a lift in the back. To do that, you need three meters of space behind the bus so that the lift can go down and you have enough slack to drive in a wheelchair.”

More to do
Although he thanks the municipality for restoring the old situation in Wolfsberg, he believes there is still plenty to do in Deurne. “Parking spaces for disabled people are almost too small and this causes many problems for people with disabilities on a daily basis,” explains Walters.

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Make Durn Inclusive
It also doesn’t just care about disabled parking spaces in Deurne. Since 2010 he has been busy pointing out to the municipality where things can be improved when it comes to facilities for the disabled and trying to make Deurne inclusive. Two million Dutch people have a disability, for example they are visually impaired, blind, deaf, have a physical or mental disability or have psychological problems. All these people must be able to participate in society. It should be safe for everyone outside but also inside public buildings, for example, shops. Deurne must become inclusive of everyone,” explains Gerrard.

United Nations Disability Convention
He prefers that the municipality of Deurne also complies with the United Nations Convention on Persons with Disabilities, which states what needs to be done to improve the situation of people with disabilities. And this applies to all areas of interest to them, just like everyone else, such as work, education, transportation, culture, sports and other recreational activities. “Look at the municipality of Someren, which has adhered to the UN treaty for a number of years, and you can also see the positive results of that,” Walters says.

Photo: Facebook Gerard Walters

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