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Today Nyck de Vries told GPFans that he did not understand much about the rumors about him and Williams. Max Verstappen received praise from many former drivers, Louis Hamilton decided to withdraw the criticism he had received and commentator Nelson Walkenberg responded during his first months as a commentator on the Wyplay. This is the first GPFans recap on Thursday, April 28th.

De Vries was surprised by Williams’ rumors

Nyck de Vries has not yet been contacted by the Williams team about switching to Formula 1, he told GPFans. He insists he is unaware of Sneak’s driving rumors and will continue to focus on his Formula E campaign for the time being. Read more? Click here!

Hamilton retaliated

Seven-time champion Louise Hamilton responded to criticism in recent weeks by saying he was still deciding when it would end. There have been a lot of comments from former F1 drivers about Hamilton’s performance so far this season. Read Hamilton’s answer? Click here!

Walkenberg responds to harsh criticism of the comments

Nelson Walkenberg will provide commentary on Formula 1 from this season on, after the Netherlands have always used Olav Mol’s loyal voice. Walkenberg’s opinion, surrounded by Melroy Heimskerk, is not always welcomed and often faces criticism. The commentator tries to handle this as lightly as possible. Read more? Click here!

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Verstappen receives accolades after starring in Imola

Max Verstappen dominated Imola last weekend, a much-needed success after the play in Australia. Gianni Morpitelli, a former F1 driver, saw a fantastic Verstappen and a more aggressive Charles Leklerk. According to Morpitelli, the battle for the title will be fully reopened after the racing weekend in Imola. Read more? Click here!

Button compliments Verstappen

Jensen Button, watching closely the competition between Max Verstappen and Charles Leckler, concludes that the Dutch driver is more serious than his counterpart. In addition, he talks a lot about some of the qualities of the 2009 world champion Verstappen. Read more? Click here!

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