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Today it was announced that Netflix and Amazon want to buy the rights to Formula 1 in America. Furthermore, Helmut Marko discusses the RB18 and the specific problems Max Verstappen has had with the car so far, Lewis Hamilton backs Charles Leclerc in the title fight and Sergio Perez’s salary has gone up significantly thanks to his contract extension. This is the GPFans feed from June 6th.

Netflix and Amazon predict a battle for F1 broadcasting rights in the US

A fierce battle has erupted over the broadcasting rights of Formula 1. The first class of motorsport has gained immense popularity in the US in a short period of time which is why Netflix, Amazon, ESPN and NBCUniversal are all competing with each other for broadcasting. Rights. Read more? click here!

Hamilton backs Leclerc in title fight with Verstappen: ‘I like Ferrari’

Lewis Hamilton knows better than anyone what it means to fight for the world title, but this season he has to watch from a distance as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc battle it out for the gold medal. But who does Hamilton hope will be the winner? Read more? click here!

“This is the salary that Sergio Perez will receive from Red Bull Racing from now on”

Sergio Perez signed a new two-year contract with Red Bull Racing ahead of the race weekend in Monaco and that commitment has been very beneficial for him. The Mexican negotiated a fine if we were to believe the leaked details of his contract. Perez feels warm, although this is largely due to his sponsor. Read more? click here!

Marko spoke to Gasly after Perez’s new contract: “But what’s the alternative?”

Sergio Perez has extended his contract with Red Bull Racing in Monaco and that automatically means bad news for AlphaTauri captain Pierre Gasly. The Frenchman has been hoping to return to Red Bull Racing for some time, but that doesn’t seem to happen in the short term. Dr. Helmut Marko spoke to him. Read more? click here!

Marko on the RB18: ‘It’s not yet the way Verstappen likes’

Despite Max Verstappen winning three of the last four races and returning to the top of the world championship, the car is not yet where the Dutchman would like. This is what Helmut Marko says. Read more? click here!

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