Hamilton responds to Marco’s joke: ‘Once things don’t go well, they follow’

Seven-times world champion Lewis Hamilton has not started the current season in the desired fashion. The British Mercedes driver struggled hard with his car in the first four races and suffered some painful dips. A couple of weeks ago at Imola, he fell through the ice when the points were a long way off for most of the weekend.

Hamilton’s poor results elicited sarcastic reactions from the competition. At Red Bull Racing, they couldn’t help but give a little irony. Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko joked after the Imola Grand Prix that Hamilton may have just retired in 2021.


It was clearly a joke on Marco’s part, but in the UK not everyone can laugh at it. Hamilton countered the remarks on Sky Sports and was fierce: “People love you when you do well, but when things don’t go well they kick you. That’s just part of life. I have examples of people I looked up to when I was growing up. But in This sport too, they made some statements that weren’t really respectful of me.”


Hamilton himself also knows that the current season is not going quite as he would like. However, the Briton remains determined to silence his critics: “I use it as fuel and turn it into something positive. I’ll come back stronger, just like the team. Four, six or ten bad races won’t stop me ‘doing what I love.’ I’ve been racing for 29 years, I’ve had bad times and then come back. Because it’s not about how you fall but how you come back. Nothing will stop me.”

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