Hamilton’s victory in Bahrain was Britain’s 300th victory in the F1

At the Zakir Circle in Bahrain, Max Verstappen unfortunately had to leave the victory to Louis Hamilton. The Englishman is already a very successful Formula 1 driver and will smash a lot of records as long as he is active.


One of those records was already set during the season over in Bahrain. Although not less beautiful, this time it was not a personal record, but an achievement for his country. Hamilton’s victory was Formula 1’s 300th victory for the United Kingdom. The record that the Mercedes team was happier than sharing with us.


It must be said that most of the successes for Great Britain in the new decade were demanded by the beginning of the 44th. The last British winner for Lewis? Then we have to go back to 2012 in Brazil. In the Interlogos round, it was only when Jensen Button won. Interesting detail: Button did this on the Mercedes to be precise with the Metallor-Mercedes. More important detail: Lewis Hamilton still qualified for the pole position in that race and had a good chance of winning in the long run. However, he was tracked down by Nico Halkenberg at 54 in the lap, giving Button the win.

History and future

The United Kingdom presented eight world champions in addition to Button and Hamilton, who contributed to 300 wins. Mike Hawthorne, Jim Clark, John Sursties, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell and father and son Hill. Young talents like George Russell, who can take the seat from Mercedes from Hamilton, and Lando Norris, certainly don’t seem to stop at those 300 wins (Max Verstappen will do everything he can by himself. Punch).

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