Handball player Jorn Smits moves to Denmark | 1 Limburg

Handball player Jörn Smets immediately switched his current club HV Volendam for Holstebro in Denmark.

The 28-year-old handball player from Jilin joins his brother Kai’s club. At the moment, residency in Denmark until the summer of 2021.

Come to the picture because of international matches in orange
Holstebro had to deal with long-term injuries at the end of 2020. Partly because of his good performances during international matches with the Dutch national team, Jorn Smits pictured in Holstebro. The construction worker left was hired as a substitute until the end of the season.

With Kai on one team
In Denmark, Jörn is reunited with his brother Kai. In the past, the brothers had never played in a club with the same team. At the end of the season, his brother Kai substituted the Danish national team for German club SC Magdenburg. The two brothers began their careers at handball club Vlug en Lenig from Jilin.

Previously active in Denmark
In 2011, he left for Skanderborg Håndbold Handball School in Denmark. In 2012, Smits returned to the Netherlands to play for Volendam. He became the captain of the team and became a key player in the national team. During the time Smits played at Volendam, Volendam won the National Championship once, the National Cup twice and the Dutch Super Cup once.

In 2016, the builder moved from Volendam to Randers, and after two seasons he left Smits for Emsdetten in Germany and returned to Volendam in early 2020.

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