Hans Kazan receives a rare award from the International Magic Club | to watch

Hans Kazan will be awarded a rare prize on October 10 by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The 68-year-old scammer is given the Fred Kaps Ring, an award given on an irregular basis to a person of crucial meaning to a career.

The award was previously awarded to colleagues such as Marconick (1995) and Eric Eswin (2012). The International Muslim Brotherhood has its own section in dozens of countries that determines who is eligible for the award. The award ceremony will be held in Utrecht.

Kazàn receives Fred Kaps’ ring primarily because he has been promoting his love of the profession of magic for nearly half a century, especially to young people. His breakthrough came in the early 1970s when he finished third at the Magical World Championships in Paris. Soon after that he became a regular prankster on the hugely popular show do you run, followed by various programs for magic.

Many of the big names in the field, such as Hans Klok and Victor Mids, have been inspired by Kazàn programs.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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