Happy New Year King’s Commissioner Han Polman: Keep meeting and voting!

Because the provincial assembly elections will be held in 67 days. That is why the commissioner calls. “It’s very important that everyone votes on March 15. Zealand belongs to us, not to politicians or administrators. Follow a little, watch who you believe and what you say; I’ll give them my vote because I can’t follow. Every day. Don’t underestimate your own voice. . It’s about you and other Zeelanders, in short, deciding your own future.”

There are currently no less than seventeen parties within the Provincial Council. That is because the members of the Forum for Democracy and the PVV have split off and continued independently. However, Polman expects that to change. “I don’t think there will be as many factions after the election as there are now. In the past we’ve had new parties in the states and it hasn’t always gone well. And then you get split.”

However, according to Han Polman, it is not necessarily negative if you have multiple parties within the provincial council. “If you’re too optimistic, you say: if there are more parties, they depend on each other to do the right thing for Zeeland. And you can’t say: this group still has a majority, so they decide it. .”

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