Happy old age needs so much money

Whether you are in your twenties, thirties or forties, we all think about it from time to time: How much money do I need to retire? Pension Specialist Audley Villages Did a study How much money do you need to “retire happily”?

Of course it depends on where in the world you live. Living in one country requires less money than other places. It also depends on the lifespan. The research focused mainly on achieving happiness. Retirees’ ‘happiness index’ was viewed as residence, average life expectancy, annual salary and monthly living expenses.

How much do you save for your retirement?

This study takes Amsterdam as the standard for the Netherlands. With an average lifespan of 82.1 years and monthly expenses of about $ 1,200, you should save $ 244,000. The research is based on an average annual salary of 34,500 euros per year in the Netherlands. You should definitely keep this amount at your retirement age. I.e. currently 66 years 4 months. If you have this amount at age 40, you will not be able to retire for long days.

This makes the Netherlands average in terms of the amount saved for your pension. Among the top twenty happiest cities in the world, if you live in Switzerland you should save as much as: 356,000 euros. Fortunately for the Swiss, they also earn twice as much as the Dutch.

Well, well, Wellington

In the Czech Republic you must have a minimum savings of retirement age: 129,830 euros. However, they earn very little there on an annual basis. Overall, the best can be found in Wellington, New Zealand. It is best to save 173,000 euros there, which is 33,000 euros in annual salary.

Amsterdam may top the list of happiest cities in the world, but it also ranks 23rd as the best city to retire to. You are the best at retirement age in Melbourne. Australians need to save the equivalent of 210,000 euros to get the most out of their pensions. It is relatively inexpensive considering the annual salary and life expectancy, and Melbourne is also a happy city.

With a total score of 6.6, it is best to spend your old age in the Australian sun. Rio de Janeiro is also doing well. It’s cheap, but very low on your mood. Helsinki is in 3rd place with 6.5 points. Amsterdam does justice to the Dutch Sixer mentality. You are wrong in Asia. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and Delhi are the worst retirement cities in the world.

Enjoy your retirement

When you finally retire with your two and a half tons of savings, enjoy it to the fullest. Plan ahead: What do you want to do with your time and money? There is no rush. Above all, think about your mental happiness. Make sure you have social interaction, keep your goals and stay healthy and active. Above all, enjoy your free time and do the things you love. Otherwise, your money will not be of use to you for a happy retirement.

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