Happy parties with a view of the Julianapan area

Friday 25 February 2022, 17:00

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Voorburg – The city council has approved the area’s vision for Alderman Astrid van Eyckelen to redevelop Julianapan. The college can now operate in an eco-friendly, green and lively local shopping mall.

Bart Eleveld (VVD) sees plenty of room in the plans for residents and entrepreneurs. “Julianabaan is outdated, but still has an important function and appeal to our residents. By investing, we are making room for entrepreneurship and local entertainment. The underground parking garage will be converted, increasing safety, and encouraging people to spend time in the mall. Julianabaan which Renovated is beneficial to the local economy.”

Adds Van Rossum (GroenLinks). “Our outdoor space is limited, so we have to be careful with it. An attractive, noisy and green plaza makes a positive contribution. The car should be less dominant. An underground garage can provide a solution and provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians. We should not miss the opportunity to create a central location New for theater and library.

Alderman Van Eekelen is looking forward to what actions will be taken in the short term. “We will work with the hanging fruit. More green space, new awnings, perhaps fitted benches: small interventions can really do a lot. This way we take the time to prepare for the renovation. Julianabaan is too important not to invest in it.”

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