Happy summer Sunday with temperatures up to 26 degrees “tropical warm from Wednesday” | science and planet

It will be sunny and warm today with a maximum of 20 to 26 degrees. It will also remain summer in the coming days with temperatures fluctuating around 30 degrees. Later in the week, the chance of rain and thunderstorms increases, but it remains warm, RMI reports.

Warmer air is pouring into our country, causing mercury to rise to summer values ​​in many places today, explains Nicholas Rose of NoodweerBenelux. The reason appears to be the stimulation of the area of ​​high pressure that comes from the southwest.

And we feel it: In many places, today’s mercury rises to 26 degrees with the maximum number of hours of sunshine. Some cumulus clouds may appear in the far west and northwest of the country. The wind is weak from the northeast or from changing directions. The winds in the sea are moderate from north to northeast.

Please note that the UV index is high, which means that you burn quickly in the sun. So lube is the message.

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Tonight and the next night will be calm and clear. Minimum temperatures range from 5 to 13 degrees, and in some valleys of the Ardennes about 2 degrees. The wind is weak and shifts from the northeast to the southeast.

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Tomorrow The temperature rises even higher. It’s still sunny and we get the maximum that fluctuates from 21 to 22 degrees on the beach to 29 to 30 degrees in Kempen. In the evening, high veil clouds appear in the northwest. The weak south wind shifts mostly from west to northwest in most places. In the Ardennes, the winds are variable.

Tuesday There will be more clouds than the previous days, but it should still be dry. It will also get less warm with a maximum of 24 degrees in the west of the country to 28 degrees in the far south. Winds are weak mainly from north to northeast. The sea prevails with a moderate sea breeze, and the temperature does not rise above 21 to 22 degrees.

Wednesday The weather will be sunny again. One thunderstorm is possible towards the end of the afternoon or evening. It will be very warm with a maximum of 27 to 33 degrees. Light winds from the south and changing directions later.

According to NoodweerBenelux, it’s not out of the question that we’ll hit the regional heat wave benchmark on Wednesday (Series of at least 5 summer days with a degree of 25 degrees, of which at least 3 are tropical with a degree of greater than 30 degrees, ed.),” says Rose.

On Wednesday, mercury rises to 30 degrees and more in different places. © Emergency Weather

The probability of severe thunderstorms increases

Emergency weather Benelux expects first severe thunderstorms only in context Thursday. “There is a big consensus in weather models that the local sound and light show will occur on Thursday. The weather is very unstable and this translates to intense thunderstorms from France later in the day,” the Met Office said. In the east it exceeds 30 degrees.

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Also Friday The weather is still unstable with rain or thunderstorms. It will be a minimum of 25 degrees warmer in the middle.

NoodweerBenelux expects its first severe thunderstorms through Thursday.
NoodweerBenelux expects its first severe thunderstorms through Thursday. © Emergency Weather

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