Harhuis chooses Bertens, Kirkoff, Ross and Shores to face China | sport

Billie Jean King CupAs expected, Kiki Bertens will appear next month in the Billie Jean King Cup, formerly the Fed Cup. Captain Paul Haarhuis listed number 11 in the world in his pick for the duel with China on April 16-17 at Den Bosch.

The winner of the meeting may try to qualify for the Billie Jean King Cup final in Budapest in 2022 through the so-called qualifiers.

In addition to Bertens, Haarhuis also chose Arantxa Rus, Lesley Pattinama-Kerkhove, and Demi Schuurs. The duel with China will be Harhouse’s last. Then he resigns. A former doubles specialist has been captain of Dutch tennis players since early 2014.

Bertens recently announced that she wants to return to the Dutch national team. The 29-year-old Westlandse has not been regularly available in recent years, as she preferred her solo career. The tennis player recovered from Achilles tendon surgery but lost the matches played so far after her comeback.


In 1983 the Netherlands and China faced each other for the last time. Then the Dutch national team lost. Harhuis: China has a strong team of no fewer than three players in the top fifty squad. It’s going to be a tough job and that’s why it’s a good idea to play on our home turf, in a gym that’s familiar to us, and on gravel. “

The captain says that Team Orange will take over with the strongest team. “Unfortunately without the support of the crowd in the stands. Kiki recovered from her injury and Arantxa has been in the top 100 teams for a long time, so I’m happy they are back. With Demi we have one of the best doubles players in the world in the team. She might be in desperate need of her if I want to play.” Critical duality. “

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