Haringvliet Energy Park reaps the benefits of sun and wind

The power complex at Goeree-Overflakkee consists of 6 wind turbines, 115,000 solar panels and a large battery, divided into 12 marine containers filled with batteries. All three technologies share the same network connection. The park is expected to produce approximately 140 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of 40,000 households.

Berend Botger, Deputy Energy for Southern Holland: “Here we see the energy transformation at work. And we all know how important this is in light of the climate crisis and our dependence on Russian gas, among others. The smart combination of existing technologies is also an innovation. An energy landscape has been created With a spatial quality in Goeree-Overflakkee Thanks in part to the good cooperation between the initiator, the municipality and the people of the county The environment benefits through the district fund, as well as nature and the recreational user thanks to a new cycling path.

The sun and the wind complement each other

Wind and sun complement each other well. Solar panels produce energy during the day, while wind turbines in our country often produce more at night. Both complement each other during the seasons: wind turbines supply most of the electricity in the winter, while solar panels do it in the summer. As a result, they can easily use the same network connection, which means that less power needs to be reserved in the network and that the connection is used a lot throughout the year. The battery ensures that the grid remains in equilibrium. Depending on the situation, they supply a little extra power to the grid, or they store electricity. The self-developed software system ensures that the different elements work optimally together.

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The combination is faster and cheaper

The benefits are endless. For example, it could take 10 years to set up a wind farm easily. Time is greatly saved by including the sun and batteries in the plans from the start. Moreover, it is cheaper to build a power complex using the 3 technologies than to make it 3 separate projects: after all, they share the same substation, the same cabling, maintenance methods, grid connection and the land must be opened only once.

Society benefits too

This combination is not only beneficial to Vattenfall, but also to the community. As the network connection is used more efficiently, less capacity must be reserved on the network and the network boost is limited to one place. An added advantage is that rare technical personnel are only deployed once to connect to the network, which means that the power transmission can be accelerated.

Benefit the environment

By placing solar panels and wind turbines together, the available space is used efficiently. This compact design ensures that there is more room for other functions in the area, such as farming and recreation. In addition, the landscape effect is less.

The environment was closely involved in the development of the park. Final garden design input was gathered through area workshops with local residents, interest groups, municipality, county and network operator. The wishes of people who cycle and walk in the area were also taken into account: they were allowed to submit ideas for building a bike path and a viewing hill. Also, the solar panels are no more than 1.5 meters high, so that passersby can see them. Vattenfall also placed beehives there.

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In order to allow local residents to benefit financially from the income, Windfonds Goeree-Overflakkee was set up with other initiators of wind energy projects. Owners of wind farms to be built or to be built after 2016 make an annual contribution to the Wind Energy Fund. Residents and organizations can call on the Wind Energy Fund to support local projects.

In addition, agreements have been made with people who live in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm. These families receive an annual fee from the wind farm.

blueprint for the future

Enthusiasm for this project from various stakeholders has been very high so far. Local authorities are very satisfied with the compact design that still produces maximum sustainable energy. The grid operator adopts this project through the efficient use of the common electricity grid and seamless integration. Locals feel involved and satisfied with being integrated into the landscape. In short, the advantages of a power park like this are so great that Vattenfall in the future will investigate from the start whether there are options for deploying multiple technologies side by side. It would be very beneficial for local governments to also embrace this in their regional energy strategies.

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