Harry and Meghan documentary still resonates: Netflix didn’t ask the BBC for permission for a banned interview with Princess Diana


Like the contents of the Netflix documentary Harry and Megan It hasn’t yet caused enough buzz, but now a new problem has emerged: the BBC has not explicitly given Netflix permission to broadcast two excerpts from the controversial interview with Princess Diana. The BBC chief executive had promised the royal family the interview would not be shown again.

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The BBC and Netflix agree to use each other’s images. They call it a “fair dealing” agreement, which states that they may use each other’s photos as long as they do so in a fair way. But will Netflix comply with this agreement, is the question many UK politicians and opinion makers asked themselves on Friday.

Reason is the first episode of the much-discussed six-part series Harry and Megan. Shows two parts of the interview with Princess Diana from the BBC programme panorama, good for 42 seconds. That interview has already been the source of many discussions and investigations. One of those investigations concluded that interviewer Martin Bashir erred against the code of ethics and did not treat Princess Diana appropriately during the interview.

Don’t show up again

Which is why BBC chief executive Tim Davie decided in July not to show The Interview again. “Now that we know how traumatic the interview really was, I have decided that we will never show the show again and we will never allow another channel to air it.” He then called on other channels and production houses to comply. One of Diana’s sons, Prince William, asked the same.

It now appears that Netflix has not followed up on this. The telegraph I understand that she did not ask the BBC for permission to broadcast the interview. This isn’t necessary due to their agreement, but he simply ignored Davy and Prince William’s question. So the criticism is great. BBC politicians are demanding that Netflix be forced to remove the interview from the episode.

Netflix and the British royal family have not yet commented on the new matter.

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