Harry and Meghan share the story (again), but the other side remains unrevealed Royal family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the British royal family for almost two years, but they are not talking about it. In the trailer for the six-part Netflix documentary, they don’t utter words and talk about their negative experiences with the royal family and the media. But according to critics, the couple is very sexy and their story is quite one-sided.

Is Charles awake?

There is also criticism that their story is one-sided. Now that they’ve stopped performing their royal duties, Harry and Meghan are free to talk about their experience. But their family can’t, at least not in public as the prince and his wife can.

Consultations about the crisis were said to have taken place between King Charles and his eldest son William after the appearance of the trailers. Other sources say that the king does not sleep on it.

In any case, the documentary damages the image of the British royal family, says royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams. “You could see this as an open-ended attack,” he says. News. “The royal family will probably ignore the documentary and hope it goes wild. That’s not the right way, but they can’t do anything else. The family’s reaction will only fuel the story further.”

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