Harry Styles sings the banana song and it’s catchy too

She is wearing a banana.. If your TikTok is a bit on the Harry style algorithm, chances are you’ve heard nothing more than the banana song he sang during his concert in New Zealand in recent days. Banana song? Yes indeed. Styles is often described as a ‘fruit man’ due to his colorful clothes and gentle nature. Fruits Concepts and many of his songs are named after the fruit. Think watermelon sugar, kiwi and cherry. Yes, a big fan of fruit. His fans know this and that’s why they often bring fruits to his concerts. So Harry has created his own fruit song, and it’s kind of catchy too.

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Harry Styles sings the Banana Song

This isn’t the first time he’s performed the song, he brought it up on his previous tour in 2021. That’s why fans went absolutely crazy when they heard he was still rocking it. So he starts with bananas first and then moves on to some other foods. “There are two people dressed as peas, two people dressed as peas, are there any people dressed as eggplants? Anyone dressed as an eggplant? No, no, no, no, no eggplant. Kind of a nursery rhyme, but The crowd erupted. Since we love to share things with you.. we will publish the TikToks below. Anyways it will stick around for a while so let’s sing along to this song for the next few days. Sorry in advance.


Banana Song: Extended Remix @HSHQ #hairstyles #Haslot #hslot2023 #Lotnz #hslotnz #Auckland #lovejourney #fyp

♬ Original Sound – Kenya

Here is the 2021 version:


This is the longest banana song version we’ve ever had😌 #fyp #hairstyles #Haslot #lovejourney #Harris #huslotampa #lovethampa #Banana song

♬ Original Sound – Vix Celis

Thanks fruits friend. Earlier, clips of Harry completely falling for one of his concerts went viral. She made a mouthful joke to which he replied completely seriously. He figured it out himself right after she answered her smart ass. Check out the funniest pictures of the conversation here.

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