Hart Van Hettern is complete, and can now begin furnishing the heart of the new village | Exaggerate

HETEREN – With the library and living room space completed on the new Hart van Heteren project, construction workers are slowly withdrawing. For new tenants, now is the time to furnish.

The “turnkey” to the tenants of the largest building in the new building complex was mainly symbolic on Wednesday.

Rob Nederkorn (Project Developer Artica) and Pepijn Kemperman (Construction Manager on behalf of Kuijpers Bouw Heteren) handed over the central space on the ground floor of the new building to Marc Jansen (Open voor Jou Foundation) and Lianne Daamen of the Library.


The last two parties would work together in what would become the Heteren Living Room, a combination of a meeting place and a library. They were offered a so-called “hull ready” space, which means that the space is completely empty and still needs to be furnished.

,, But it’s not about us, this is a rendition of what should be a beautiful space for Heteren. Meet and experience more, as we help each other to be able to open the library six days a week,” the two complement each other.

Furnishing follows

With this major relocation, all but one new users of the building, which becomes the new center of the village with a square not yet built, can begin to furnish their commercial premises. The new pizzeria is still in the hands of construction workers, due to an attached conservatory, the completion time is still long.

But in the new brasserie, veterinary clinic, gift shop, hairdresser and beauty salon, work is already underway on the furniture. Customers should be able to come in around the end of the year. Out of the 1,300 square meters of retail space under the residential complex, one of the retail units remains empty. A tenant is looking for it.

New street name

The apartments and houses will be completed in October and November. After that, Flessestraat and the plaza in front of the building will also be redesigned. The shops and apartments will be given the new street name Quadrant as their address.

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