Has been on a Covid-19 test since the introduction of the Australian Biastry F1

Melbourne-born Oscar Piastri has been on a Covid-19 test since his Grand Prix debut earlier this year, and the young rider’s desire to reach the pinnacle of his game was further motivated by this experience. The Australian is approaching his Formula 1 debut but it has not happened yet.

If anything happens to former F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso and his teammate Estefan O’Connor in the coming days, Beastri will return to his hometown for this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix as the Alpine’s reserve driver. Beastri’s big F1 breakthrough came almost last month in Bahrain thanks to his teammate Daniel Ricciardo who tested positive for COVID – 19 before the first race of the season.

Fears of Ricciardo’s participation in Bahrain GB

It was feared that Ricciardo would be ineligible for his place in the starting line-up – otherwise Piastri would have been credited by his alpine team to the McLaren team to take his place. Eventually, Ricciardo recovered in a timely manner, but for Piastri, who grew up in Sandringham on Wednesday at the age of 21, it provided the most intimate experience of getting ready for a race at the highest level of his game – and he loved it.

“I’m the reserve driver of the Alpine first, they have priority, but if for some reason the McLaren drivers are not able to race, I will be in their reserve driver pool,” Beastry explained. Age“That doesn’t mean I can guarantee the race, but I’m an option. The partnership between Alpine and McLaren is for the whole season.

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Eager for F1 racing introduction

The Australian was nervous at the prospect of making his debut in the race: ‘Of course it was a tense and anxious few days of waiting. I was definitely preparing as needed for the weekend. I wasn’t nervous, but during those few days it was a little uncertain – definitely a mixture of emotions. I sat in a seat in their car and that was the first step. I know what to do if I have to jump in, but I’m not driven any of the 2022 cars yet, so it would have been a leap of hope.

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Ready for Formula 1

Piastri’s confidence in his ability to face the challenge of driving an F1 car did not go unnoticed considering his outstanding record in the junior classes. He won both the F3 and F2 World Championships in his first season, and believes he is ready to follow in the footsteps of the other two drivers who achieved this feat – Ferrari driver Charles Leklerk and Mercedes driver George Russell.

“I think I’re definitely ready. I ‘ve won the Formula Renault championship the previous year too, so with three championships in the first three classes for F1 in the single-seat ladder, I’m sure I’re ready to hit the stage. How frustrating is it to sit down instead of competing – especially when the driver you lost in the F2 Championship is fielding for China’s Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo?

“I wouldn’t say so frustrating, no,” Beastry said. “Motorsport is not about talent, especially in F1. Other factors work. Of course money is a big factor. Time is different. ‘ Beastri hopes to join the growing list of Australian drivers: Jack Prabham and Beastry’s Melbourne teammate Alan Jones won world titles, while Mark Webber (Beastry’s manager) and Ricciardo won the Grand Prix.

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