HBO Max won’t be going to the Netherlands in October

We’ve always hoped for it, but unfortunately: HBO Max’s extension to Europe doesn’t apply to the Netherlands. We’re surprised, but even Andorra comes out on top. In addition to Spain, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Is the Netherlands over as a test country?

No more test country

The Netherlands and Poland often test countries for new possibilities. For example, the new Netflix game option is currently being tested in Poland and we were the first country in the world with Disney+ in the Netherlands. Our streaming service seems to be out of luck, because we have to wait a little longer for HBO Max.

We were hoping to be among the first batch of European countries watching HBO Max, but we’re still dealing with regular HBO, which is only available through Ziggo. In fact, Holland is not part of the second batch. It consists of: Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and North Macedonia.

Not even the second batch

The worst news isn’t even that our country and Belgium aren’t even part of it: Episode Two isn’t expected until 2022. Besides the fact that we’re not in the series, it’s also remarkable that relatively leading countries like Germany and the UK are missing. On the other hand, HBO Max is clearly looking more into areas. And that takes time: There are HBO Max vacancies for HBO Max in Amsterdam.

On HBO Max, you can watch all kinds of content from Warner Bros. Think DC, HBO, HBO Max Originals, and Cartoon Network. It was the idea of ​​Warner Bros. The full offer is not valid for one month immediately after its release on HBO Max in Europe.

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specific area

It’s a shame to realize that HBO doesn’t view us as a leader or at least a good indicator for the rest of Europe. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be the case: the main reason for this is probably because HBO has clearly chosen upcoming territories. Too bad, because we really want HBO Max to show up, especially if it’s separate from Ziggo.

Ziggo has indicated that HBO Max will appear in Our Land in 2022, but if we’re not in the first episode yet, it won’t be early in the year at the moment. So only the countries of Netflix, Disney + and Video.

HBO Max Show

HBO Max Originals include The Fungies, Karma, American Pickle, Selena + Chef, Expecting Amy, I Hate Susie, and The Flight Attendant. What makes HBO Max so much better than HBO as we know it now in the Netherlands are the movies. The arsenal of publications that the new streaming service comes with is full of classics like 8 Mike, Analyze This and City of God.

We do not yet know the cost of the service in euros. In dollars, it’s $14.99 for the premium version without ads. With ads you pay $9.99.

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