‘He doesn’t want to change anything’

Laurent Mackies, Ferrari’s sporting director, was impressed by ‘great speed’ Charles Leclerc. The Frenchman also knows that Monegasque has made the necessary mistakes, but mainly wants to focus on the positive: “We don’t want him to change anything.”

Leclerc was the record holder for pole positions this season, with seven to his name, but ultimately won just three races: Bahrain, Australia and Austria. The Monegasque had some bad luck in Barcelona and Baku, where he dropped out of the lead with mechanical problems, but he also made some mistakes, the crash in France being the most recent example.

As a result, Leclerc is now eighty points behind Max Verstappen with nine races to go. Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mackies is aware that Leclerc’s season has not gone smoothly, but wants to focus mainly on the positives.

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“Let’s start with the pace,” Mekies says of Leclerc’s performance so far. “He’s shown great pace again this year and you don’t want to spoil that aspect. We don’t need Charles… to be a great driver, understanding where to go when approaching the limit.

“He’s a master at that,” McGeece continues, “as we all do, mistakes can be made. I think we don’t look at single mistakes, we look at success percentage. We look at how extraordinarily you can do things compared to the things you don’t do well, and his success this year I think the ratio was very good and we don’t want him to change anything.” Ferrari’s sporting director.

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