He raised thousands of dollars for a lemonade seller (11) who lost all his money because of the fraud | Instagram

In America, more than $9,000 (more than 8,840 euros) was collected for 11-year-old Jeremy who was defrauded when selling lemonade. A man had all his money stolen from his pocket by a man who pretended to be a customer.

In Everett, a town just above Seattle, Jeremy is robbed. The scammer wants to pay for the lemonade with a $100 bill. The young seller has to collect all his pocket money together to return the change, which is exactly $85. After the crook leaves, Jeremy discovers at the gas station that the note is forged. Not only was he cheated, but he also lost all of his money.

Neighbor Amy Steenfoot can’t get over her heart. She set up a fundraiser for her neighbor with the goal of raising $250. With that, he can cover his losses and even expand his lemonade business.

After many donations, this goal is now widely achieved. Hundreds of people support the young lemonade seller. Sunday evening the counter is already at $9,100. ‘Fabulous. I am really speechless. Thank you! Thank you from my heart ‘, Stenfoot writes. “The only better news is that we found the man who did it.”

The suspect has not been arrested. Everett Police wrote on Facebook that they are doing their best to find the culprit as quickly as possible: “This case touches a chord with us.”

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