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Is relaxation a luxury or a good habit? Being “busy” has become so normal that it seems “normal” to be a part of life, when it is the cause of many physical, mental and emotional complaints. Suzanne van Hoek van in Aalten helps people feel more and more aware through creativity and relaxation.

Suzanne believes that people often suffer from complaints that can be prevented or reduced. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people unconsciously live out of their heads and don’t take “small” complaints seriously. This is unfortunate, because these complaints are signals from the body to indicate something and invite you to look at it. By providing true relaxation and space for these signals, awareness is created and the ability to self-heal is stimulated.

Susan Van Hook has paid attention to the special possibilities of relaxation and creativity for years. In parallel to her career in education, she has developed through Yoga, Reiki, Intuitive Drawing, SoulCollage® and coaching as a holistic therapist. At Holy Hart she combined this knowledge and experience with her tremendous calmness, ability to really listen and give space and an amazing sense of atmosphere and harmony. Suzanne van Hoek likes to share these forces in her accessible and versatile under the “Head to Heart!” coat rack collection.

Relaxation also allows for enjoyment
Go to Holi Hart for creativity, relaxation and “light” therapy as Susan Van Hook likes to call it. Creative courses and workshops Intuitive Drawing and SoulCollage® are also fun to do. The process is important (not the outcome) and no experience is necessary. Relaxing Reiki therapies increase your energy level and allow energy to flow again. Reiki is often unknown to people. Trying it out for yourself once is the best way to see what it can do for you. Therapeutic sessions provide additional depth if desired. Viewing is possible both separately and collectively.

Much is possible in preventing and alleviating complaints, as well as supporting regular treatment. Susan Van Hook would like to let people experience how they can be more relaxed, mindful, and healthy in life in an easy and fun way. Workshops and treatments are real gifts to yourself.

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