Heat and drought in southern Europe, resulting in forest fires

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It is dry and hot in Europe. This leads to problems in many countries, such as Portugal and France, where wildfires are destroying nature. In other countries, people seek refreshment because it is exceptionally warm. In parts of Spain, the temperature rises to 43 degrees.

Due to the ongoing drought in Italy, some rivers have reached their lowest levels in 70 years. The surrounding agricultural area, which depends on the river’s water, has largely dried up. Farmers fear that this year’s harvest will be disappointing.

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    The Sirchio River is semi-arid. Tuscany, Italy.
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    A farmer in his own soybean field in Suzago municipality

Forest fires in the Sevin region of southern France forced at least 100 people to leave their homes in Bordezac last week. At least 880 hectares of nature caught fire.

About 900 firefighters were deployed to fight the blaze. Thirteen of them were injured. Firefighting aircraft have also been deployed.

Drought, heat, and strong winds allowed the fire to spread quickly. Fires also broke out in other parts of southern France, setting homes on fire and damaging farmland.

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    This photo was taken by firefighters in Bordzyk
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    Firefighters extinguish a house in Arles, southern France
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    A burning farm car in La Roche-Blanche, near Nantes

Spain is experiencing a heat wave. Meteorologists expect the high temperatures to continue into Thursday. This is the second time this year that it has been warm.

The highest temperature was recorded near the southern city of Seville. The temperature there was 43 degrees, just like in the city of Badajoz, in Extremadura in the far west of the country. Residents and vacationers seek refreshments in homes, hotels, swimming pools and on the street.

Forest fires are also raging in Spain, which are difficult to combat due to drought.

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    In Madrid, people are relaxing in the pool
  • France Press agency

    A street thermometer in Seville shows a temperature of 44 degrees
  • France Press agency

    People enjoy the serenity by a fountain in Seville

Also in Portugal, forest fires are burning in various places, partly due to the same heat wave that also swept through Spain. Temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees in the coming days. Authorities have issued a heat alert covering about half of the country.

In the north of the capital, Lisbon, a fire broke out that had been put out before today by high winds. Hundreds of firefighters are trying to fight the fire.

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    Firefighters work to put out a massive fire in the Portuguese municipality of Alviazire
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Three men wet a sheep that was just rescued from the flames
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    A resident of Boa Vista tries to put out a forest fire

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