Heavy rain in Sydney

The Australian city of Sydney is likely to experience heavy rains and flooding over the next two days. Australia has been experiencing severe weather for several days.

At least nine people have been killed in floods in Australia over the past week. Cities, roads and bridges in Queensland and New South Wales were flooded by unprecedented rains. New South Wales Prime Minister Dominique Barrott describes the weather as “once in a thousand years”.

Currently the rainy weather is slowly moving south. Sydney residents are being warned to prepare themselves for the city and adjoining areas as heavy rain is expected Tuesday afternoon local time. 150 mm of rain is forecast in six hours. Sydney received an average rainfall of 138 mm in March, according to official data.

La Nina

Tens of thousands of Australians living along the country’s east coast have been warned to evacuate their homes due to heavy rains.

Summers on the east coast of Australia are dominated by La Nina for the second year in a row, a typical rainfall-related weather event. Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city, has received 80 percent of its annual rainfall over the past three days. This was reported by local authorities.

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