Heeran Lou of the new regional residential park in Koz

It was already known that Heeran Lou was looking for a place in South Bowland. With a branch with the A58 near the new exit 35A, a central and easily accessible location has been identified.

On the site, opposite the crematorium, is a small orchard. It is not yet fully known if the projects will move forward, but the municipality of Kos is favorable in any case. Another participation program is being launched to see if locals can live with the projects.

Heeran Lou is already active in Goswami, but the housing provider’s preferred Geoland spokesman Marlos Llewelt says. “We already have many houses in Kos for the mentally handicapped, but they are not satisfactory. The bathrooms are often bad, or someone with difficulty walking lives in a house with stairs.”

About 70 mentally ill people will live in Nansenban, but the new residential and care cluster will not be irradiated on a large scale.

Marlos Llewellyn: “They are separate group homes with four to eight customers. They share a common living space, but each of the people has a separate bathroom. “Liereveld emphasizes that Heeran Lou is talking about a residential park because there is a lot of greenery between the residential sections.

The new location in Kos will provide Heeran Lou’s medical service throughout Mid-Zeeland. This is a logical choice, as it is planned with the nearby address and Care Boulevard ‘Cravenfolderswake. If all goes according to plan, construction will begin next year.

Heeran Lou creates four new residences:

1. Middleburg – Rittenberg

This year, work is underway for a new residential complex on the site of the former Arduin. The first residents will move to the new campus in 2022. Fifteen million euros is being invested in the new building. In total, Heeran Lou will invest eighty million euros in new construction projects in the coming years. There will be 64 residents on the campus.

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2. Vlissingen – Nieuwe Zuidbeekseweg

Huron Lou and the municipality of Wilmington are discussing new construction on the Judepeeksway in New York. It is explored as a suitable place where customers can live with the neighborhood side and easily accessible to the family. Maximum 96 residents.

3. Goes – Nansanpan

So this new location has been announced today. A residential park on the corner of Nansenban and Crovenfolderswake.

4. Fourth place?

Fourth place is still sought. It is not yet clear where it will come from.

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