Helmond Sport suspends captain Robin van der Meer after criticism of the position Dutch football

Helmond Sport temporarily removed Robin van der Meer from the selection. The first division club fined the captain for his comments after last Wednesday’s match in the first round of the FA Cup against Go Ahead Eagles (3-1).

van der Meer, who coach Sven Sweenen has been through in his last three matches in the competition, He told Eindhovens Dagblad: He showed in the fencing in Deventer that he belonged to the base. The defender also noted that his spare place affects his standing as a captain: It’s okay to wear that belt today. But if I’m wrong again against Young PS on Monday and only get to appear in a number of matches again, the question is whether I still want it.” After a sigh: “Ah, that’s to worry about later.”

Helmond Sport is now being punished for being honest. This mainly pertains to his statements about the fact that he has not been part of the base in recent tournament matches, and statements regarding his desired squad for upcoming matches. Helmond Sport believes that the technical staff should be able to freely decide the line-up, and the captain’s statements about his position do not contribute to this.

The disciplinary sanction means that Van der Meer will in no way miss the first leg against Jung Eindhoven on Monday night.

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