Helmut Marco smiles at critics: “I said we would hit back”

Dr. Helmut Marco was delighted with the performances of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez during the Spanish Grand Prix. Both teams gave one-two back to Red Racing, resulting in valuable points for both championships.

Anyone who said after the first few races of the season that Red Bull Racing would once again top both championships after the Spanish Grand Prix would have thought it insane. But this is the reality now. In Barcelona Charles Leclerc was out and Carlos Sains was defeated, with Verstappen and Perez crossing the finish line in one-two. The result ranked Red Bull first in both championships. Marco enjoys these facts and uses them to attack critics. “After his (Verstappen) second malfunction, you all told us it was over,” he was quoted as saying. Telegraph

Red Bull has fixed the wrong start for the 2022 season

The 2022 Formula 1 season for Red Bull Racing has begun in a disastrous way. Verstappen and Perez both retired during the opening match in Bahrain. In Australia, the former had to re-register for DNF. The title desires of Verstappen and Red Bull were badly damaged in Melbourne, but they recovered well. One-two in Italy and Verstappen in Miami. Today, during the Spanish Grand Prix, another double stroke occurred. Marco never doubted the regression of his team and his drivers.

Marco: Didn’t I say we’d hit back?

After the Australian Grand Prix, criticism of Red Bull was not mild, but even after that Marco expressed confidence in his creation. He reminded this to the media persons in the department today. “We have a lot more races and I said we’re going to fight back,” concludes the man from Cross.

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