HEMA sells anti-pollution pills: ‘Consumers are being misled’

From Tablets Contains vitamins and herbs like Vitamin C and Boswellia. The effect of the latter herb has not yet been proven. The ‘pending health request for European approval’ is a denial on the packaging. However the pills are already sold out and experts are angry about it. General coach Bernard Leinstra thinks this is ridiculous. “I think it’s nonsense to sell these types of pills,” he told EditieNL.

Leinstra has been working as a general practitioner for six years and sees a change in the people who want to buy their unhealthy lifestyle with pills. “I do not think it’s good for us to promote this. Because you are selling something that has not been proven to work, and you’ve developed an idea: I can buy air pollution pills, so I do not want to live a healthier life anymore.”

Still, these health products can be sold legally with a claim. “You can claim ownership of health products if they are approved by the European Commission,” said Janine Coljard of the Research Council.


HEMA’s air pollution pills include herbs such as nettle leaf, fish collagen extract and Boswellia. “For some herbs, such as Boswellia, claims have not yet been assessed. They are still pending approval. If so, you can put the effect of the product on the packaging if you have a refusal. Therefore: European approval is pending.”

But the G.P. Be clean. It makes common money and deceives people. “

He believes consumers are being misled. “You think it’s improving your health, but it’s not proven. You think: I’m healthy, so I do not have to adjust my lifestyle. If this continues, what will we get? Anti-fat pills or sports pills? We should not like it. You have to explore and then sell. “

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Nevertheless, according to the study team Colgard, Hema made no mistake. “Doing HEMA is not prohibited. It is legally permissible.”

HEMA says in a response:

“We do not think this is wrong, because we have made it clear what denial is, and now we still expect the effect of Boswellia to say that it contains vitamin C.”

“Sales figures show it is in high demand. Now the product is being shown to be nonsense, while in Europe it is being seriously considered. We are not selling anything crazy.”

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