Henk van Loosbroek, Thank you for all your advice

The Androidworld community today has lost a valuable member, to which we are devoted to: Henk van Loosbroek.


Henk worked in the Navy and was unable to sit still during his retirement. He joined SamMobile as a Social Media Manager and has also been an active member of our community for many years. He has contributed to our community in many ways, with his many advice undisputedly at the top of the list. Many times in the morning I was happy Tweets About new firmware updates for Samsung phones. Henk often subtly referred me to Samsung news via WhatsApp and Telegram and many mornings I sat in a bathrobe behind my laptop to write an article about a new Android version for a Samsung phone. I often spoke to him earlier in the day than my colleagues in the editorial office, and always gladly.

Not only was Henk our biggest guide, he was without doubt Samsung’s biggest fan in the Benelux (or perhaps Europe). Every year, Henk was one of the first companies in the Netherlands and Belgium to own the latest Samsung devices, from the Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Note 20, and from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Always there for everyone to answer questions about Samsung devices.

Henk has been a very valuable member of the Androidworld community, not only in terms of advice on apps and updates, but above all as a person. He held his ground in discussions and was always with a big smile and thumb his signature at events in our office or at Samsung. Those events would now be forever different without a henck, but I’m sure somewhere out there with a smile (and Galaxy Fuld 25) watching us.

In memory of: Henk van Loosbroek, Thank you for all of your advice

In appreciation of Henk and everyone who has to deal with the terrible disease called cancer, we teamed up with Sammobile and DroidApp. This KWF work Accommodation. We welcome all donations to fight this disease. Have a good trip dear Henk, may the force be with you! Love, Androidworld Team.

Thanks for all your advice, Henk!

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