Henley: Only a few Dutch are active

Henley: Only a few Dutch are active

Photo: Henley Royal Regatta website

Yesterday was an ax day for Dutch yachts at picturesque Henley-on-Thames. Of the considerable number of Dutch teams still in the race, Triton’s Temple8 was the only one left. Also many sailors in foreign service and Wibout Rustenburg with his French brother-in-law Guillaume Turlan.

The latter combination followed one of the most exciting races of the day against New Zealand’s light double sculls. For a while Scholl’s rower was at a disadvantage, but by the middle of the race, the strength of the heavy boat outweighed the resilience of the lighter New Zealanders. However, these rowers did their best to come back, so it was exciting until the sprint. Australia await in the semi-finals today.

In the student eights, Laga ran a valiant race against the heavily favored University of Washington, but lost in the middle of the race in a spirited fashion. Triton won against a strong Canadian team from Columbia University. Today hosts Oxford Brookes await them in the semi-finals. The women’s eights of Ekir and Nereus came up short against the American teams of London and Brown.

Adventure is over for the original two boats selected for the FISU World Championships. The eight – who could play in Lucerne next week – lost out in Dartmouth’s ladies’ plate. Four seats were placed at considerable distance by the University of Washington. Fortunately, there was still a Dutch touch as Gert-Jan van Doorn was second in this boat. Proteus-Eretes fell at four meters against Oxford Brookes.

A few isolates were also successful. Jesse Vermeer (Nerius) rowed to victory with the Canadian Sydney Rowing Club during the first race of the day against Cambridge and Leander. A tough task awaits against New Zealand’s four today. Fine van Westreenen was lucky in the second match with his teammate from California as New Zealand’s opponents withdrew. A development boat is waiting from Leander today.

Eve Stewart and Lisa Cousins, who trained temporarily with Leander, lost four and Stewart lost eight. Junior James Graham van Die Leith is a dual national and competed with Leander in the boys’ double sculls. He led the entire race but eventually had to hand the victory to Claris Court School. Oxford Brookes’ B-boat with Robert Kooyman and Dries Beer lost to Durham at Temple.

Olav Molenaar has finally reached the semi-finals of the Ladies Plate. With his California team, he easily beat an English boat. Today he is rowing against Dartmouth, who knocked out that FISU eight.

Scheduling Dutch Ferries (Dutch Time):
11:40 am: Fein Van Westrinen (California) vs Leander Club (W2-)
12:10 am: Jesse Vermeer (Sydney RC) vs New Zealand (W4-)
12:20 PM: Triton vs Oxford Brookes (Temple 8)
1:00 PM: Wibout Rustenburg & Guillaume Turlan (Skoll) vs Australia (M2x)
6:50 PM: Gert-Jan van Doorn (Washington) vs Thames RC & Leander Club (Visitors M4-)
8:10 PM: Olav Molenaar (California) vs. Dartmouth (Ladies Plate 8)

Competitions are Here Watch live.

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