Henny and french fries are full of confidence


Tijnje’s TIJNJE Amazone Hennie Roffel and her stallion Remy Martin TKJ are confidently preparing for the Dutch Dressage Championships next Sunday in Ermelo.

The KNHS Indoor Championships for both jumping and dressage really started last weekend with the lower classes. It’s Heaney’s turn on Sunday in Rows Z1, Z2 and ZZ-L. Rovel trusts the Frisian and hopes for a good outcome.

“This horse has a lot of talent in all three gaits. He can jump really nice keys. He also has articulation and go. That’s why he gets such high scores. With these scores, we can compete in the higher bracket.”

Rovel is optimistic. Her result in the Friesian Dressage Championships was 77.8%. Good for the Friesian surname. “I have a nice freestyle technique. It was also well received by the referees during the previous tournament. So I feel good and I have confidence in Frisane. So I try to prepare myself as best as possible and I hope we can show our freestyle technique during the final.”

Even after so many years of experience, the tournament never got used to it. “Of course you always have some nervousness. I’m not as nervous as I used to be. Most of the tension arises once I’m done. Then you have to wait for the jury’s verdict. You have no control over something like that. You can’t drive flawlessly. You’re trying to achieve the best look possible.” “.

According to Roffel, performance depends on the time of day. “It is, and still is, a jury sport. What one person finds beautiful, another person may not find or less beautiful. You can’t change that much.”

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This does not change the fact that Rouvel has already won many awards. So it is also a well-known phenomenon in equestrian sports. “I don’t know if I’m really seen as an idol of young knights. There are many interested people who are interested in my achievements. So I receive my sincere congratulations.”

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