He’s suffocating with beetles and that’s because of this

You may have already seen them in your home. It’s teeming with ladybugs, and this is often annoying. But how does it happen, why do we see beetles now? Omrup Brabant has sorted it out for you.

They are becoming more and more visible at home. Groups of beetles that nest near the window frame or crack in other places. Most often these are groups of different colors, but it is still only one type of beetle. “Asian beetle,” says Vincent Calcmann of the Naturalis Research Institute. “Strangers often move into homes in the fall to settle in the winter. That’s why you see them so often now.”

This ladybug features the popular red color with black dots as well as other color combinations. “The most famous beetle is the seven-pointed beetle. You often see it on drawings or in logos, while we see the Asian beetle more often.”

Non-toxic to humans
The insect has a red color that indicates to other animals that it is poisonous. “Not for people,” Calcon jokes. “Unless you eat 100 or 200 of them, they can make you sick.” As birds do: “A big mite that eats beetles can get very sick.”

So it’s best, according to Kalchmann, to leave the beetle in place. “In the spring they will go out again on their own.” The insect often sits in quiet places. “In the attic, for example, or in a room that isn’t used much.”

Prevent disturbance
The best way to prevent nuisance is to cover cracks and holes in your home. This prevents them from entering the house. It also helps to keep windows and doors closed when on the front. The air vents can be covered with a mosquito net so you can’t get in.

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