“Hey, my name is Johnny Polonsky!” It is the funnest documentary we have seen in all ages and it is a love letter, childhood dream and reality check in one

Otto Jan Hamm brings a rock artist to Belgium for a short tour. He just takes Johnny Polonsky home, and he does so without discussing him in advance with his girlfriend and no one else who knows rock. Watch this great documentary from Woestijnvis and Studio Brussel until February 6 via VRT NU.

The record that Otto Jean fell in love with.

The named Johnny Polonski appears to be one of the rockers who accidentally overheard Otto Jean scored when he was eighteen years old, which made him so much happier. Polonski was allowed to hang out with Black Francis and ended up in the studio with Rick Rubin, but then Otto Jean heard nothing of what he started out promising.

One evening, he searched for the man on Google and it turned out that he was still alive and was even logging records. A fan of Otto-Jan took the reins when he sent a message to Polonsky on Instagram. American rocker answered the question if Otto Jean did not know anyone who could offer him some gigs. Otto-Jan started calling and in a crazy mood he decided to tour his idol through Belgium and – to keep costs down – he took the rocker home for two weeks.

VRT / Desert Fish

Spread the message

This idea alone is an expression of great love, because there is a form of evangelization in every lover of music who wants to spread the message. “Listen to this! You’ll love this!” Otto Jan wanted nothing more than to bring his idol to the people. It is the beginning of a movie that represents a boy’s dream, a road movie and a love letter in one movie, but it contradicts the harsh reality that is the tube of music. In other circumstances, Johnny Polonsky could have played the Pixies or been a rock star himself, but that wouldn’t be for this life. Even Isolde Lazon and Frank Vander Linden can’t change that.

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VRT / Desert Fish

We sometimes felt sorry for Otto Jean himself – especially during rehearsals for the show at Het Depot – but she provided him with loads of amusing stories of dinner with friends and a great movie with us in it. Keep looking for Polonsky.

Polonsky himself stayed in the apartment the whole time. We didn’t recognize him: He’s been in business and hasn’t always been with the same enthusiasm, but he’s also kind of a hero: whether or not people want to hear him, he keeps recording records. Whose? For himself, because there is simply no alternative plan for his life. And you can only be very respectful of that.

Finally, the movie is also an ode to small shows in dirty clubs where you can sometimes make musical discoveries. The movie was intended for those who work on, in front of, or behind the stage. “Long live the live music!” Finally lit up the screen. We don’t have much to add to that.


This documentary can still be watched on VRT NU through February 6. You will find the movie Through this link.

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