Hey Olivia Wilde! Ex takes the third page form | Entertainment

In fact, the budding love between the two goes so well that Sudeik is a character on his Apple TV show Ted Lasso It was named after her. an actress June Temple The role of third page model is played by Kelly, a fictional character in the series. Jason is currently enrolled in London, where he spends a lot of time outside of work with his new girlfriend.

When Jason finds out that Olivia was going with Harry, Kelly was one of the people who had been there for him. She supported him and was a listening ear. Then he asked her to have dinner with some of his friends and they have met each other ever since. It’s too early to talk about a serious relationship, but they both enjoy spending time together.

Keeley became known as Page Three “girl” in 2004 and remained so until 2009, when she decided to pursue an acting career. Page Three Fashion models are sexy women who appear on page three of British newspapers the sun pointing to. It is said that she first met Sudeikis in 2014 while filming Horrible Bosses 2.

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