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Anyone who washes cleans something, for example, ensuring that dishes or clothes are fresh again. But sports washing He does, he seeks the opposite. Such a figure hides spots and blemishes. He does not wash away sports, but rather hangs a sports screen of injustice in the hope that the chaos and misery that this fence hides will also disappear from view. A regime like that of Qatar, which is organizing the World Cup this year, is trying to improve its image in this way.

Sports, a term we have adopted from the English language, is similar in shape to brainwashingBut it has a different meaning. Brainwashing is a word that emerged in the 1950s in connection with the attempts of communist regimes to brainwash suspects or spies in such a way that all ideas of resistance and dissent have disappeared and brainwashing is only yes and can nod.

So it was about brainwashing. Brainwashing is similar to mouth wash or eye washRinse the mouth or eyes, although you can rinse the mouth and eyes with water, and the brain does not. On the other hand, with sportswear washing, there is no doubt about sports washing. Sports are used to remove political stains.

Bee green wash It’s different again. Nothing green is introduced here to hide environmental crimes, but the company pretends to be more environmentally friendly than it really is. For example, Shell was reprimanded by activists because the oil and gas giant claimed we were CO2It can still drive neutral if we pay an extra cent per liter.

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Modern terms such as Greenwashing and Sportswashing are modeled after much older terms whiteningwhich appears in English as early as the 17th century and represents nothing more than “bleaching by washing”.

However, a century later, the word could already be used figuratively and was intended at first to “liberate a person from bankruptcy” and then to “hide mistakes behind a facade”. This is the meaning that corresponds to the meaning of sports washing.

Whitening itself has undergone a new development in recent decades and is now used in the world of cinema and media to indicate that only white actors or models are wanted. and washed white He is a minority person who has become so integrated with the white majority that he basically denies his skin color, his origin and his culture.

Money laundering in the sense of money laundering is less common in English than it is Money launderingwashwhich was originally a synonym for wash, this meaning has largely been lost and is now mainly used to bring dubious money into the world of finance, such as Dutch money laundering. This money laundering is a little weird: you’re making black and white money. So from negative to positive. But white is no longer generally accepted as evidence of a white spirit.

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