High-speed solar car on Saturday during Calori Member Day

will see “To build a winning solar car and be super fast, that’s what we want to achieve.” Kees Bruck, electrical engineering student in Delft and driver of the Nuna solar car, speaks. He says: “A solar car is a car that can only run on solar energy. We are participating as a team in a three thousand kilometer race in Australia. We can drive till the sun shines. It has a small battery so you can drive in the shade for a while.”

The development of the solar car goes back to 2000 with the Nuna 1. Then a group of students said: “We’re doing this, we’re going to win!” They approached Wubbo Ockels at that time, and he was ready. Help, but only ‘if we’re going to win’. Nuna has won the race for years: the World Solar Challenge. Every year, new groups of students further improve the car. “The mindset in the team is to win by building the best solar car and showing the whole world what we can do with solar power. I think it’s interesting what you can do with solar power. We take the car to Gastricum.

Kees Brock comes to Gastricum with fellow team member Armand van Dijk. On Saturday 3 June from 13:30 to 16:00, you can see Nuna Phoenix at the restaurant De Oude Keuken at Oude Parklaan 117 in the Bagum area.

In the picture:
Nadine Duursma (works in aerodynamics) and Kees Brock (racing driver and electrical engineer) with the Nuna solar car. (Photo: Provided)

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