high subscriptions

How many digital subscriptions do you have? I myself lost count. Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Onedrive, etc. I can go on. The trend started five to six years ago in digital entertainment, but has now moved from business software (Office365) to exercise (Apple Fitness+). There is a lot of talk about subscriptions, and I’m starting to think most of it is wrong. For example: The limit has now been reached. Here’s what I first heard about 2017 – Subscribe to tired He was hitting! I don’t see him now. When it comes to video streaming, there’s a clear limit, experts have been saying for several years: Three is the absolute maximum. Netflix and two others. I can’t believe it anymore. How are you supposed to calculate that? Is Streamz an add-on streaming subscription on top of Netflix, or will it replace your cable subscription in the long run? In the US, three streaming subscriptions are definitely not the limit. There, cable TV costs 100 euros per month, so you can easily combine eight streaming services. Cable has traditionally been a lot cheaper for us, but the monthly bill from Telenet and Proximus is now also creeping around €100 for a lot of people because of all the extra services they sell to us.

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