High tide and snow can provide beautiful shots

As the weekend approaches, Nieuwegein is preparing for a cold and dank weekend filled with exceptional weather conditions. At least if we are to believe the weather experts. The cold winds on Saturday evening could dip to minus 20 degrees and cover Newijin with a layer of snow of at least 30 cm. Today our videographer Jos van Vogelpoel took a look at the high water over the dam in Vreeswijk.

Lek at Vreeswijk and Hoogzandveld overflows its banks, but gratefully takes advantage of “Room for the River” and gently touches the dam. The gates of Oude Sluis in Vreeswijk were closed early this week to provide counterpressure, in order to keep water in the river to be discharged into the sea. Lake water levels will drop, among other things, next weekend.

Lake room
River room activities included nearly one million cubic meters of dredging work to dig canals, lower sidewalks, and make mud breaks (measuring against seepage and erosion). Room for the Lek is one of 34 scales from “Room for the River”.

Climate change means more water will flow through the lake in the future. To give the Lek more storage space and to drain the water more quickly, we install drainage channels in the flood plains. We will also lower the dam leading to Stuweiland (Ossenwaard). This makes the dam less an obstacle while the water rises and we are working to enhance the flow of the river ‘ According to Combinatie Martens and Van Oord – Heijmans, who implemented the Room for Lek project in mid-2015.

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The snow
On Saturday, snow and strong easterly winds are expected. In addition to measures for water height, Rijkswaterstaat has also taken measures to combat slippery conditions.

The weather on Sunday will be very cold with plenty of snow and (somewhat) strong, in the northern coastal region strong to gusty easterly winds with a chance of strong winds. Freezing rain may also occur in the southeast. After the weekend, extreme cold continues with maximum temperatures around -5 ° C during the day and moderate to severe, and possibly very severe frosts at night and morning. There may also be some snow from time to time.

Your shots
Nieuwegein Digital City invites everyone to take cute snapshots of the exceptional weather ahead. Beautiful, beautiful, bad, less bad, it doesn’t matter. Submit your snapshot to our editors and we will publish the photo on our news platform. Submit via email ([email protected]) or easier via WhatsApp. The number is 06-46139696. Secure this number in your mobile phone with pen.nl because you can always connect us with news etc.

Happy holiday!

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